Daily briefing: Macron victory, UK withdrawal singular marketplace and Blackstone’s mixed problems

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French boss Emmanuel Macron won a wilful infancy in parliamentary elections, giving him substantial energy as he embarks on reforms to energise a economy and revive French change in Europe. His celebration and centrist fan Modem won 355 of 577 seats, according to estimates formed on prejudiced results.

But Mr Macron’s feat doesn’t meant he can ignore a energies pushing both a distant left and distant right. (FT, Atlantic)

In a news

US Navy keeps South China Sea plan tighten to vest
Washington’s efforts to competition nautical claims by Beijing in the South China Sea sojourn unvaried underneath a administration of Donald Trump, according to a comparison US naval officer. But while a US is continuing “freedom of navigation operations” (Fonops) by warships, a country’s troops is being quieter about a strategy. (FT)

UK will leave singular market
Philip Hammond validated on Sunday that Britain will leave a singular marketplace and etiquette kinship when it withdraws from a EU, quashing a hopes of some business leaders that a chancellor competence champion a poignant change of proceed to Brexit after a Conservative choosing disappointment. (FT)

Top N Korea chief adjudicator personally met US diplomats
The talks over a march of some-more than a year were directed during pardon US prisoners and substantiating a tactful channel. (WSJ)

Russia postulated Trump heading extensions during 2016 elections
While hacking Democrats’ emails and operative to criticise a American electoral complement — and

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