George Reynolds on Trump, prison, ex-wives and his addiction to making money

George Reynolds has claimed he is on his way back up to the top with his e-cigarette business.

And after running a multi-million pound business empire, and a football club, the 81-year-old says he has no plans to slow down, proclaiming: “I’ll be working until the day I die.”

The former business tycoon still works from 8am to 11pm six days a week.

Enigma, the e-cigarette shop in Chester-le-Street is a long way from the 25,000 seat Reynolds Arena complete with gold taps and marble toilets.

George Reynolds

George Reynolds

But the former safecracker has said he doesn’t miss the trappings of wealth that he used to surround himself with.

The grandfather keeps mementos from his time as one of the wealthiest men in Britain to hand in his Chester-le-Street shop with brochures for the yacht he used to own and photos of his old helicopter.

Showing off photos of himself with Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey he said: “I don’t miss it at all, I have a wonderful life now.

“I was the biggest kitchen worktops manufacturer in the world, I sold that business for £47m. I was on TV 410 times in one year and in glossy magazines all over the world.

“What am I doing now? I am just making money, making a living and I am quite happy with that, I am quite content. I am doing quite well I’d say, for a man of my age. I can’t complain.”

George Reynolds with Oprah Winfrey

George Reynolds

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