Healthy times continue for Lululemon

Lululemon store seen from outside with blue sky in background.© Lululemon Athletica
Lululemon store seen from outside with blue sky in background.

Yoga retailer lululemon athletica (NASDAQ: LULU) has come a long way over the past several years. After having developed a reputation for being one of the most successful and innovative retailers of the 2000s, Lululemon fell into the common trap of taking its quality control too much for granted. After a long and painful period of seeing customer desertions and corporate difficulties, Lululemon finally started to make a turnaround, and its recent results have gotten the yoga-apparel specialist back on a more promising trajectory.

Coming into Tuesday’s fiscal fourth-quarter financial report, Lululemon investors wanted to see those positive trends continue. Lululemon’s performance was strong, and that helped build optimism among investors that the retailer can keep making progress into the new fiscal year. Let’s look more closely at Lululemon to see what it achieved and what’s ahead for the company.

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Lululemon celebrates the holidays

Lululemon’s fiscal fourth-quarter results marked an excellent finish to a promising fiscal year for the yoga retailer. Revenue was higher by 18% to $928.8 million, with the pace of growth once again accelerating from what investors had seen in previous quarters. GAAP net income was down 12% to

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