How one family spent $573 at Costco

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A family of three including a toddler in tow does a monthly Costco trip in search of grocery deals with a strict shopping list in hand. With their son in Junior Kindergarten and both parents working full-time as software engineers, they are time and budget conscious. Having been burned by what they call the “Costco Curse” — treasure hunting and overspending at Costco — they aim to plan ahead. Yes, shopping at Costco can offer value on flats of food, but is it always a fair price? I had a look at one of the family’s recent trips to value retailer to find out if they were spending smartly and if their shopping habits could impart any do’s and don’ts for the Costco-obsessed.

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1. Save 78 per cent on OTC medication

Three over the counter (OTC) medications account for 6.7 per cent of this total bill. Spending $38 on nasal spray and Advil may seem steep, but based on unit cost this is a low price to pay for large sizes of common remedies. For example, Costco’s Kirkland brand 200mg ibuprofen costs 2.2 cents per

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