Men’s Wearhouse: Why we dismissed Zimmer

george zimmer board

The Men’s Wearhouse house of directors pronounced it dismissed owner George Zimmer for his power-hungry pursuits to take a association private.

Men’s Wearhouse has finally explained because it dismissed executive authority George Zimmer final week, depicting a owner as power-hungry in his enterprise to sell a association to private investors.

“Mr. Zimmer topsy-turvy his long-standing position opposite holding a association private by arguing for a sale of a Men’s Wearhouse to an investment group,” a company’s house of directors wrote Tuesday in a matter it done public.

But a house pronounced it against a move, that would force a association “to take on a outrageous volume of debt.”

“The house believes such a transaction would not be in a best interests of a shareholders, and it would be a unsure trail on many levels,” a directors wrote.

The house also emphasized that Zimmer’s 3.6% interest in a association did not give him a determining role.

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“Mr. Zimmer had problem usurpation a fact that Men’s Wearhouse is a open association with an eccentric house of directors and that he has not been a arch executive officer for dual years,” pronounced a board.

The house combined that Zimmer “refused to support” Chief Executive Doug Ewert and other executives “unless they acquiesced to his demands.” The house also pronounced he “expected halt energy over poignant corporate decisions.”


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