This is how much extra money the DUP have extracted from Theresa May

Theresa May has concluded a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland to keep her minority Government in power.

It involves an increase in public spending in Northern Ireland.

But what is in the deal? And is it fair on other UK taxpayers?

What exactly have the DUP been promised?

In return for agreeing to the “supply and confidence deal” with the Conservatives, the DUP have extracted a series of financial pledges for “additional financial support” for the Northern Ireland Executive.

This includes £400m for infrastructure development in the province.

There is £150m for ultra-fast broadband rollout and £200m for heath. There’s also money to tackle deprivation and mental health.

The total package of additional spending adds up to around £1bn.

Is this a lot of money?

There are around 1.86 million people in Northern Ireland so this £1bn equates to around £550 per head.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the size of the Northern Irish economy in 2015 was just £34bn, so this represents a non-negligible boost of 3 per cent of GDP.


However, £850m of the money is being spent over two years, and the rest over five years.

Doesn’t Northern Ireland already get more public spending than the rest of the UK?

Yes. Northern Ireland in 2015-16 received £26bn of public spending.

That’s £14,018 of public spending per head of the province’s population.

This was more than a fifth higher than the UK-wide average of £11,579. The region receives more per head than Scotland or

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Margie’s Money Saver: Summer movies for as low as $1

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Here’s how much more money South African CEOs make than you do

Deloitte has released its inaugural Executive Compensation Report, showing how South African executives measure up on pay versus performance across company size and sector.

The group found that increases to CEO guaranteed pay over the last five increase periods exceeded inflation by a considerable margin on a compound annual growth rate basis, and annual cash bonuses paid to the CEO and CFO over the last six years are considerable in relation to guaranteed pay.

Executive pay continues to attract intense media scrutiny both locally and abroad, with headlines on executive pay appearing on a frequent basis.

Deloitte found that the average executive, across all companies, earned a total pay package of R17.97 million a year.

“Our analysis uncovered some key trends that, in our view, definitely provide vitriol to the debate, and are, as yet, not well addressed in the disclosure within Remuneration Reports, which provide little or no explanation as to the cause or reason for these trends,” said Leslie Yuill, actuarial, reward and analytics leader at Deloitte.

Apart from consistently outstripping inflation, the Deloitte study found little apparent correlation between CEO guaranteed pay and the size and complexity of the organisation they are charged to lead.

This is particularly prevalent for organisations with a market capitalisation of between R5 billion and R50 billion.

Executive pay by company size

On the issue of annual incentives for CEOs and CFOs, the study found that these appear to be “contingent on” performance

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