Aeroplan signs points deal with Teleflora

MONTREAL – Aeroplan (TSX:AIM) said Wednesday it has signed an agreement that will allow its members to earn miles with flower delivery service Teleflora.

The loyalty rewards said Aeroplan members will receive miles through flower purchases online or by telephone.

Teleflora has over 15,000 member florists in the U.S. and Canada and 20,000 affiliated florists outside North America.

Aeroplan, which has more than 75 partners representing more than 150 brands, is owned by Aimia Inc.

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Vancouver home sales, prices fall in April

Vancouver home sales, prices fall in April

A home sale sign is shown in Vancouver in 2010. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

VANCOUVER – Home sales in one of Canada’s most expensive cities posted their worst April in more than a decade, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

The board said Thursday sales in Greater Vancouver through its MLS system were down 6.1 per cent at 2,627 last month compared with 2,799 in April 2012. Sales were off 11.9 per cent compared with 2,347 in March 2013.

The results were also 20.9 per cent lower than the 10-year sales average for April and the lowest for the month since 2001.

However, the real estate board said the declining sales has helped stabilize home prices in a traditionally expensive market.

“While the number of home sales remains below average, properties that are priced right are selling and we’re seeing greater balance between buyer demand and the number of homes listed for sales,” said board president Sandra Wyant in a statement.

New listings totalled 5,876 in April, up from 4,839 in March and 6,056 new listings a year ago.

The total number of properties listed for sale was 16,730, up 8.2 per cent form March and 1.2 per cent compared with a year ago, while the sales-to-active-listings ratio sat at 15.7 per cent.

The MLS home price index composite benchmark price for all residential properties in Greater Vancouver was $597,300, down 3.9 per cent compared

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Late tax filers put benefits at risk

MONTREAL – Canada’s annual last-minute tax filing panic has ended.

But for about two million citizens and residents, the clock has begun to tick on penalties, interest charges and the possibility of having government benefits cut off.

Each year, about eight to nine per cent of the 27 million Canadian taxpayers miss the April 30 deadline.

Some “late-filers” aren’t pressed if they anticipate a refund while others may not be too worried about the initial five per cent penalty if they are just a few days late.

But, failing to file for months puts at risk federal and provincial benefits that are calculated based on annual tax returns, says Cleo Hamel, a senior tax analyst with HR Block.

Among the benefits calculated each summer based on tax returns are GST and child tax credits, Ontario Trillium benefits, guaranteed income supplement and provincial assistance programs.

“If you continue to procrastinate and you don’t file until later on in the year, you could potentially see those benefits cut off until such time that you do file and get back into the system again,” she said from Calgary.

Filing too late could mean missing the deadline to get benefits paid out in July.

Many of those who don’t owe taxes or are entitled to a refund don’t realize the importance of the filing a tax form until the benefits fail to arrive as usual.

“The child tax benefit can be a big deal for low-income families because it can be significant money that is not in their budget anymore,” Hamel said.

Canada Revenue

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Expected Rotation Out of Bonds Rattles Hedge Funds

The initial 5 months of a year, during that a longhorn run generated “easy money” by lifting a Standard Poor’s 500-stock index as high as 17 percent in late May, “are gone,” pronounced one long-short portfolio manager with billions underneath management. To play this market, he added, “you have to breeze adult trade in and out some-more than we wish to.”

Indeed,the normal sidestep fund, adult 5.5 percent for year as of late May, is now adult reduction than 4 percent on a year. The 10-year Treasury produce is now trade around 2.5 percent, seductiveness rates on mortgages and other fixed-income products are also climbing, and a batch marketplace gains have depressed to about 13 percent.

Trading nimbly in this environment, sidestep account managers said, requires gripping some-more collateral during hand. Cash land increasing 4 percent during a month of June,according to a new AAII survey, amounting to a fifth of a normal respondent’s holdings—and primary brokers and traders contend that hedge-fund borrowings have reduced in sequence to keep some-more money on hand.

“We still design flows to come to equity-based sidestep funds, primarily equity long-short,” pronounced Jon Kinderlerer, conduct of risk advisory in primary services during Credit Suisse. A long-short plan involves bets both for and opposite equities to maximize earnings regardless of a market.

Kinderlerer pronounced he would also substantially gamble on quant funds, that use quantitative research generated by computer-based models to select securities.

—By CNBC’s Kate Kelly.

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Goldman Sachs Sees More Easing in Europe and UK

The European Central Bank pronounced it would keep financial process lax for an extended duration of time on Thursday, while a Bank of England pronounced bond yields had risen too far, too fast.

Those statements from policymakers sparked a vital convene in European bonds and debility for a argent and a euro.

It was a initial time a ECB had offering pithy brazen superintendence about destiny policy, with ECB President Mario Draghi observant a executive bank had an open mind on all rates, including a bonus rate.

In a prophetic square of research, only hours before a dual executive banks released their statements, Goldman Sachs pronounced both a ECB and a Bank of England (BoE) could launch uninformed financial easing measures within months.

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“More radical easing is expected in a U.K… In addition, a ECB is some-more expected than not to palliate serve from here,” pronounced Goldman Sachs analysts in a tellurian opinion square published on Thursday.

Goldman Sachs pronounced conjunction executive bank was expected to lift rates before mid-2015, and combined that a ECB could induce a deposition rate cut and/or credit easing if a euro section economy enervated further.

“We are… some-more open to intensity opportunities in Europe than for some time. Although a expansion design there stays weak, a foresee is for some alleviation (albeit from a low base), including in a periphery, as mercantile drag

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‘Keep Calm and Carry on’ Buying Stocks: HSBC

Stock markets around a universe have over-reacted to concerns a U.S. Federal Reserve will finish a bond-buying module and tellurian equities are expected to benefit another 7 percent by year-end, according to a tellurian conduct of equity plan during HSBC.

“The doctrine of story is that a initial tightening in a cycle – as prolonged as it comes since risks to expansion have diminished, not since of acceleration or constructional worries – typically causes usually a ephemeral improvement in stocks,” Garry Evans from HSBC pronounced in a note on Thursday.

Evans pronounced there were many bullish signs for tellurian equities including 10 percent gain expansion and reasonable valuations. According to him, while expansion is sluggish, a universe is doubtful to see a retrogression and executive banks will step in to assistance markets should expansion deteriorate.

“Bernanke has done it transparent that tapering is information dependent, and that a Fed could even boost QE if expansion were to weaken,” Evans said.

Global equity and bond markets have left by a scattered duration after a Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke signaled on Jun 18 that a executive bank was expected to cut a distance of a item purchases if a economy kept improving.

(Read More: Expect Schizophrenic Reaction to Jobs Report: Gartman)

In a week that followed, a produce on a benchmark ten-year U.S. Treasury rose to over 2.6 percent, while a SP 500 dropped

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Oil prices during 2013 high above $103 a barrel

oil prices

Oil prices rose 8% over a final month

Oil prices overwhelmed a 2013 high Friday, driven by stress over a troops manoeuvre in Egypt.

U.S. oil futures for a Aug agreement rose above $103 a barrel, adult about 1.8% from Wednesday’s allotment cost of $101.24.

The Egyptian army seized control of a government Wednesday amid aroused protests, deposing a country’s initial democratically inaugurated president, Mohamed Morsy of a Muslim Brotherhood. On Friday, a African Union announced that it was suspending Egypt.

Egypt produces a immaterial volume of oil. But a Suez Canal, that passes by a north African nation, is a vital highway for oil shipping that links a Mediterranean Sea with a Red Sea and a Persian Gulf.

“I consider many folks don’t trust that assault in Egypt is going to means a shutdown of a Suez Canal,” pronounced Tom Kloza, arch oil researcher for

But he also pronounced that troops coups make traders shaken about appetite supply, call them to buy oil and expostulate adult prices.

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Oil was on a rise, even before a Egyptian coup. Oil prices have climbed some-more than 8% in a final month, driven by mercantile growth.

Brent crude, a benchmark for oil prices in Europe, rose $1.81, or 1.8%, to $107.57 a barrel.

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Eurozone pulls behind from a brink

portugal protests

Portugal has managed to equivocate a domestic predicament for now though faces ascent antithesis to a purgation measures indispensable to prove general lenders.

Fears of a new euro section predicament have receded.

The economies of Portugal and Greece sojourn scorched by retrogression and purgation measures tied to general bailouts. But Portugal has patched adult a fraying bloc government, and it looks like Greece will strech a understanding with lenders that should safeguard a bailout money keeps flowing.

Do we live nearby a meth lab?

Earlier in a week, borrowing costs in southern Europe had jumped on regard about a fortitude of both countries. The Portuguese government was jarred by a abdication of dual pivotal ministers. Meanwhile, Greece struggled to remonstrate a EU and International Monetary Fund that it’s means to accommodate a terms of a bailout.

Yields on 10-year supervision holds fell behind on Friday. The dump was helped along by signs of swell in both countries and a European Central Bank’s commitment Thursday to keep rates during stream levels or even reduce for “an extended period.” Portugal’s 10-year produce was behind next 7% after spiking to 8%.

Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho pronounced late Thursday that he had found a “formula” to keep his bloc supervision together and conduct off a biggest domestic predicament a nation had faced given it was postulated a 78-billion euro bailout in 2011.

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Cheaper alternatives to cosmetic surgery

plastic surgery

Minor cosmetic treatments are increasingly renouned and a cheaper choice to cosmetic surgery.

Bothered by that double between your eyebrows? Unhappy with a shade of your teeth? For teenager problems we see in a mirror, we have easy alternatives to bone-fide cosmetic surgery.

While a expansion of cosmetic surgeries has stalled, minimally invasive — and reduction dear — procedures such as Botox injections and laser hair dismissal climbed 20% over 5 years, to 13 million in 2012 (1 million of that were achieved on men).

To get started, ask your primary-care alloy for a mention to an gifted dilettante who is lerned in a procession we want, is prepared for any complications, and can plead a risks and benefits.

Check out these 4 renouned spruce-up options, along with strategies for beauty on a budget:

Botulinum Toxin Type-A injections

What they do: Remove wrinkles between a eyebrows, on a forehead, and during a corners of a eyes regulating a paralyzing venom injected into a face. Botox is a best-known brand. Effects final 3 to 4½ months, says San Francisco dermatologist Richard Glogau.
The cost: $370 a session, according to a American Society of Plastic Surgeons, compared with $3,370 for a front lift. (Prices are inhabitant averages.) As is a box with a other fixes, we can’t concede them on your taxes or compensate with a stretchable spending account.
How to save: Your alloy might bonus your

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Jobs news is good news? Wall Street isn’t sure

Dow 1140

Click for some-more marketplace data.

Investors welcomed signs of strength in a pursuit marketplace Friday, though gains in a batch marketplace were kept in check by concerns a Federal Reserve will scale behind a impulse policies as a economy recovers.

The Dow Jones industrial average was adult 0.1%. The SP 500 and a Nasdaq gained about 0.3%.

The U.S. economy added 195,000 jobs in June, a Labor Department said. However, a stagnation rate hold solid during 7.6%.

Economists surveyed by CNNMoney expected a U.S. economy combined 155,000 jobs, while a stagnation rate was approaching to have ticked down to 7.5%.

Traders pronounced bonds could be flighty Friday given many income managers are holding a day off. U.S. markets were sealed Thursday for a Fourth of Jul holiday.

Double edged sword. Investors were speedy to see signs of alleviation in a pursuit market, though a news also creates it some-more expected that a Fed will start to finish a impulse policies after this year.

The U.S. executive bank has signaled that it will start to delayed a gait of a $85-billion-per-month bond shopping module when it sees poignant alleviation in a stagnation rate.

While a stagnation rate was unvaried final month, economists contend a gains in employing — including past months that were revised aloft — meant a rate should conduct reduce in a months ahead.

There will be

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