Bulls beware: The bullion bears smell blood

As gold’s trend line fails, a bears smell blood. And now, $1,285 to $1,280 is in a cards.

Gold plummeted by $1,352 early in Thursday’s session, and even found itself trade subsequent a 50-day relocating normal during $1,331.80 for many of a day. Thursday’s building trade event sealed during $1,330.60, though bullion finished a electronic event with a rebound off of $1,320, that usually served to set it adult for a serve chasm overnight.

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With an overnight event high of $1,330.80, traders can see how Thursday’s building tighten and 50-day relocating normal came behind into play as a clever insurgency level. When bullion overwhelmed that turn overnight, it gave assertive bears one final shot to sell.

Gold’s low in early Friday trade was $1,304.60, that is subsequent a $1,308.60 retracement-related support level. The movement is positively to a downside, and we have consistently pronounced that a tighten subsequent $1,352 will put $1,300 into a cards within a subsequent event or two.

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Twitter’s 2 questions, in some-more than 140 characters

1) Monday is a fifth anniversary of a failure filing of Lehman Brothers. In a before week, Sep 8-12, 2008, Lehman had forsaken 77 percent (!). AIG was down 46 percent, while Merrill Lynch plunged 36 percent.

It was an nauseous Monday. On that morning 5 years ago, AIG was down roughly 50 percent pre-open, and Bank of America announced it was shopping Merrill.

REITS like Vornado, Brookfield and SL Green were down 11 to 20 percent midday on concerns Lehman competence dump poignant amounts of blurb genuine estate on a market. General Electric (GE), afterwards CNBC’s primogenitor company, was down 6 percent, partly on concerns about a genuine estate exposure.

By a finish of a day, a SP 500 was down 4.7 percent, a misfortune day given Sep 17, 2001 (the opening after 9/11). It was usually somewhat improved a following day, a 16th. Big top financials attempted a rally, though UBS was down on concerns it had huge bearing to U.S. debt corroborated bonds (which it did).

My Trader Talk that week was full of discussions on how to yield a rescue devise for a banks, including an RTC-type devise to buy poisonous debt. In a center of a week a Reserve Primary Fund, a income marketplace fund, “broke a bank” (the

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Market ‘going to get reduction good,’ Mark Fisher says

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“I’m not observant a market’s going to go down, though if was someone that, we know, was sitting on a sidelines, we don’t consider this is unequivocally a time that we would only plow all on in,” he added.

The reason?

“Because there’s only too most uncertainty,” Fisher said, citing a sovereign debt-ceiling discuss in Washington, a geopolitical predicament in Syria and “unwinding of QE everything.”

By CNBC’s Bruno J. Navarro. Follow him on Twitter @Bruno_J_Navarro.

Trader disclosure: On Sept. 13, 2013, a following bonds and line mentioned or dictated to be mentioned on CNBC’s “Fast Money” were owned by a “Fast Money” traders: Stephen Weiss is prolonged AAPL CALLS; Stephen Weiss is prolonged BAC; Stephen Weiss is prolonged C; Stephen Weiss is prolonged FB; Stephen Weiss is prolonged C; Stephen Weiss is prolonged TBF; Stephen Weiss is prolonged MOS; Pete Najarian is prolonged AAPL; Pete Najarian is prolonged C; Pete Najarian is prolonged MS; Pete Najarian is prolonged INTC; Pete Najarian is prolonged BBRY; Pete Najarian is prolonged SBUX; Pete Najarian is prolonged FB; Joe Terranova is prolonged VRTS; Joe Terranova is prolonged MOS; Joe Terranova is prolonged OXY; Joe Terranova is prolonged APA; Joe Terranova is prolonged MS; Joe Terranova is prolonged GS; Joe Terranova is prolonged SBUX; Joe Terranova is brief XBI; Mark Fisher owns CVX; Mark Fisher owns HES; Mark Fisher

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Buy drop in oil, demeanour during nat gas: Mark Fisher

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“But for me, I’m some-more meddlesome right now in nat gas,” he said, citing tip picks such as Chesapeake, Southwestern and UPL as places to put income to work.

“Put it divided and only go to nap and arise adult in 4 years and Rip Van Winkle, make yourself 100 percent of your money,” he said.

Fisher pronounced that a effects of warmer winter months in a United States on healthy gas prices were short-term, citing increasing investment in infrastructure.

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“My opinion is we go where a private equity goes,” he said. “You don’t have to be Einstein to say, ‘You know what? If this is where a Blackstone money, a Apollo money, we know, a KKR income is going, only follow a herd.'”

By CNBC’s Bruno J. Navarro. Follow him on Twitter @Bruno_J_Navarro.

Trader disclosure: On Sept. 13, 2013, a following bonds and line mentioned or dictated to be mentioned on CNBC’s “Fast Money” were owned by a “Fast Money” traders: Stephen Weiss is prolonged AAPL CALLS; Stephen Weiss is prolonged BAC; Stephen Weiss is prolonged C; Stephen Weiss is prolonged FB; Stephen Weiss is prolonged C; Stephen Weiss is prolonged TBF; Stephen Weiss is prolonged MOS; Pete

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Be clever whom we suggest on LinkedIn

linkedin reccomend pax dickinson

In a arise of a open degrading of Pax Dickinson, it unequivocally does matter who we suggest on LinkedIn.

Whom we suggest on LinkedIn unequivocally does matter. If they screw up, your thumbs-up could come behind to haunt you.

Take Pax Dickinson, who was forced to renounce from Business Insider on Tuesday. He was a online publication’s arch record officer until Silicon Valley blog Valleywag drew courtesy to his antacid debate on Twitter and elsewhere.

His comments, that enclosed rape jokes and animosity toward gender inequality in tech, led to a open outcry.

Standing in sheer contrast, however, is Dickinson’s veteran LinkedIn page. On it are 3 intense recommendations from former colleagues during opposite companies, that embody statements like this: “Employers will not be unhappy with his work and determination.”

The promotion executive who wrote that, Joseph Panzarella during New York organisation JWT, stands by a comment he done in 2010. Panzarella admits he would never complete a kinds of remarks that drew Dickinson so most criticism, though he sees a recommendation as a narrowly-defined endorsement.

How protected is iPhone's fingerprint scanner? 

“My recommendation reflects his operative ability,” Panzarella said. “LinkedIn is a business forum. we would extent my explanation to his business acumen.”

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United to respect giveaway fares

united giveaway ticket

Passengers on United’s site were means to book tickets for a time for usually a cost of a airfield and confidence fees. So travelers were means to get flights for $5 or $10.

United Airlines says it will respect tickets it incorrectly sole for as small as $5 on Thursday.

Customers on United’s website were means to book tickets Thursday for usually a cost of airfield and confidence fees before a airline bound a problem. As a result, a series of propitious travelers snagged flights for between $5 and $10.

United says a emanate stemmed from tellurian blunder rather than a mechanism glitch.

“We’ve reviewed a blunder that occurred yesterday and formed on these specific circumstances, we will respect a tickets,” a association tweeted Friday.

Andy Farrimond, a program consultant from a Washington, D.C. area, detected a 0 dollar fares when he was engagement a business outing to Minneapolis. He told a series of co-workers what he had found, and afterwards he and his co-workers spent a subsequent hour engagement personal trips to a West Coast and Hawaii.

Farrimond requisitioned 4 trips for him and his mother — to Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose. Others in his bureau were engagement flights to Las Vegas and other vacation destinations.

Farrimond pronounced a mood in a bureau resembled one where co-workers detected they common a winning lottery ticket.

“It was pandemonium in

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Will Twitter equivocate Facebook’s IPO flubs?

facebook chatter ipo

Twitter will try not to impersonate Facebook’s mistakes on IPO day.

At a start of final year, Nasdaq (NDAQ) and Morgan Stanley (MS, Fortune 500) were on tip of a tech world. Both landed pivotal roles in Facebook’s hotly approaching initial open offering.

But Facebook’s IPO altered that. Both companies were widely criticized for Facebook’s face plant of a debut. The problems that injured Facebook’s IPO clearly harm a picture of Nasdaq and Morgan Stanley.

Now, their vital rivals — a New York Stock Exchange (NYX) and Goldman Sachs (GS, Fortune 500) — are approaching to be a large winners in a subsequent prohibited IPO: Twitter.

Twitter has reportedly selected Goldman Sachs as a lead underwriter for a stirring IPO. Goldman Sachs did not criticism for this story, and Morgan Stanley did not lapse calls for comment.

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NYSE is widely approaching to land a Twitter listing, nonetheless Twitter has not announced any decisions nonetheless on possibly that bank will lead a charity and where a batch will trade. Neither sell would criticism about Twitter.

“The Facebook IPO was a hiccup. Unfortunately for Nasdaq and Morgan Stanley, it was a hiccup on a largest and many manifest transaction of a past decade,” pronounced David Weild, conduct of investment bank

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Aetna pulls out of New Jersey’s Obamacare exchange

Aetna, one of a nation’s largest health insurers, has pulled out of a sixth Obamacare word exchange.

The association announced this week that it will not join a state-based exchange in New Jersey, as it reviews a appearance in a Affordable Care Act. It will continue to offer employers and offer skeleton to people outside of a exchange in a Garden State, where it has 1.1 million customers.

Only 2,600 of those customers, however, buy particular skeleton by Aetna.

“We are not, and have not been a vast actor with a mature, strong participation to start with in a particular marketplace in New Jersey,” a mouthpiece said.

Have questions on Obamacare? Tune in to CNNMoney’s live Facebook discuss subsequent Friday

Neither Aetna (AET, Fortune 500) nor Conventry Health Plans, that it acquired progressing this year, will be represented on exchanges in Georgia, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, West Virginia or New Jersey. Aetna stays on a Texas exchange, while Conventry will attend on a Ohio exchange. The association is reviewing a filings in other states.

Aetna is one of several vast insurers that will have singular impasse in a exchanges, during slightest in 2014. UnitedHealthcare (UNH, Fortune 500) and Cigna (CI, Fortune 500) are also participating in usually a handful of exchanges.

Aetna, however, won’t order out participating in a exchanges in destiny years.

“As we have

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Social Security creates $1.3 billion in overpayments

social confidence overpayments

Thousands of Americans are receiving billions of dollars in advantages that they’re not authorised for, a new investigate finds.

The Social Security Administration has paid an estimated $1.3 billion in incapacity word payments to thousands of people who weren’t authorised for a benefits, a supervision watchdog news finds.

Since a commencement of a year, about 36,000 people have perceived “potential overpayments” from a agency, a Government Accountability Office reported.

Disability word advantages are generally accessible to Americans who have been dynamic to be physically or mentally marred by a long-term condition that prevents them from being means to work.

To turn eligible, we contingency go by a five-month watchful duration during that your gain contingency not surpass $1,000 during any given month. But a GAO found that thousands of a people who were receiving advantages had incomes surpassing this limit.

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One recipient, a physician, raked in $90,000 in overpayments over 3 years, even yet he had gain of as most as $22,000 per month during a five-month watchful period. Two other people have perceived overpayments of some-more than $20,000 so distant this year, notwithstanding a fact they hold jobs that paid estimable income during a watchful period.

Little assistance for a long-term unemployed 

Once we validate for

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What’s Twitter worth? Shareholder explains

While it’s tough to put a cost tab on Twitter’s gratefulness before it goes public, a amicable media hulk could be value as most as Facebook, one of a company’s shareholders pronounced Friday.

“I consider it doesn’t matter what we think. The marketplace will confirm what it’s worth,” Kevin Landis, whose Firsthand Technology Value Fund (SVVC) depends Twitter as 11 percent of a holdings. “But if we wish to put a roof on how most it could presumably be worth, a stream value of Facebook is substantially a good ceiling, given that Facebook is serve along in their progress.

“And if we wish to put a floor, I’d contend a private marketplace trades, before it exhilarated up, so, from 6 months ago, those numbers contend it’s $9 billion. So, it’s a far-reaching range, though those are your boundaries.”

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