Stocks down, though Twitter surges

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Many bonds were in a red Thursday, though a one that everybody had their eye on was resolutely in green. Shares of Twitter (TWTR) surged in their entrance on a New York Stock Exchange.

The batch began trade during $45.10, 73% above a initial open charity price of $26, shortly before 11 a.m. ET. Twitter continued to rise, climbing as high as $50.09, with some-more 80 million shares exchanging hands within a initial dual hours of trading.

Though Twitter was neatly higher, opposition amicable media sites Facebook (FB, Fortune 500) and LinkedIn (LNKD) were down. The Social Media ETF (SOCL), that is approaching to squeeze shares of Twitter for a fund, was down 3%.

Two mutual supports that deposit in private companies and have owned Twitter shares for some time were also down sharply. GSV Capital (GSVC) fell 10%, while shares of Firsthand Technology Value Fund (SVVC) declined 6%.

Despite Twitter’s clever debut, many traders on StockTwits were bearish on a company’s future.

$TWTR Social media hype will not final long,” pronounced MasterBull. “Maybe another 6 years during many before a subsequent large thing … sound informed ‘my space’ Bearish.”

Many traders pronounced they design Twitter will shelter once

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#WOW! Twitter soars in IPO

Twitter now underneath Wall St. microscope 

It’s official: Wall Street #hearts Twitter. Shares of Twitter soared 77% from their charity cost in their initial day on a batch market.

Twitter labelled a initial open charity Wednesday night during $26 a share. The batch debuted during 10:49 a.m. ET on Thursday on a New York Stock Exchange, and a initial trade came in during $45.10 a share.

Shares fast jumped to a high of $50.09 — a benefit of 93% over a IPO cost — before dropping behind to trade during about $45.90 in a center of a afternoon.

A cost nearby $46 a share values Twitter (TWTR) during $25 billion.

A ‘clean’ debut: Twitter’s early cocktail is identical to that of LinkedIn (LNKD), that some-more than doubled in a initial day on a batch market. But it was Facebook’s disorderly entrance on a Nasdaq final year that had some particular investors disturbed forward of Twitter’s IPO. Luckily for Twitter, a charity went smoothly.

“We attempted to have a really purify routine [for a IPO] … a group that worked on it inside a association was really methodical,” Twitter CEO Dick Costolo pronounced on CNBC progressing in a morning.

“Phew!” tweeted Anthony Noto, Twitter’s tip landowner during Goldman Sachs (GS, Fortune 500) (which led a underwriting of the

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CIA pays AT&T millions for data

att cia

The CIA is profitable ATT some-more than $10 million per year to benefit singular entrance to a company’s immeasurable database of phone records, according to a news published Thursday in The New York Times.

The report, that cites unknown supervision officials, says that ATT provides a CIA with call information from phone numbers a group believes are compared with abroad terrorism suspects. The arrangement not usually covers a calls of ATT customers, though also any call that travels by a telecom infrastructure.

While many of a calls in doubt are done overseas, some calls to and from a U.S. are enclosed in a information haul, according to a report. Because a CIA is not authorised to view on Americans vital in a U.S., a identities of those callers are masked. In some cases, a FBI might emanate an executive summons to enforce ATT to yield uncensored data.

According to a Times, ATT’s appearance in a module is intentional and not compelled by a justice order.

ATT (T, Fortune 500) did not endorse or repudiate a reported understanding with a CIA, though it did contend that infrequently a association is paid by governments to yield information.

“In all cases, whenever any supervision entity anywhere seeks information from us, we safeguard that a ask and the response are totally official and proper,” pronounced ATT in a matter to CNNMoney. “Like all

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Third Tesla Model S catches glow after crash

tesla indication s

Tesla says it’s not wakeful of any some-more Model S fires over a 3 crash-related ones that have been reported.

Another Tesla Model S has held glow after a crash. It’s a third widely-reported glow involving one of a all-electric plug-in oppulance cars in only dual months.

All 3 fires concerned some arrange of accident. None of a fires occurred in unimpaired vehicles, Tesla Motors forked out.

The latest glow happened in Tennessee on Wednesday. The initial glow happened in Washington State in Oct and a second was reported to have occurred in Mexico after that same month. A Tesla mouthpiece pronounced a automaker is unknowingly of any other fires in Tesla cars. There are now 19,000 Model S cars in use globally, according to Tesla.

“We have been in hit with a driver, who was not harmed and believes a automobile saved his life,” Tesla pronounced in a statement. “Our group is on a approach to Tennessee to learn some-more about what happened in a accident. We will yield some-more information when we’re means to do so.”

The name of a motorist and sum of occurrence were not immediately available.

Tesla (TSLA)‘s batch has depressed about 7% Thursday. The association also recently reported disappointing third quarter financial results.

In the initial U.S. incident, a car’s battery was punctured by a square of steel fibbing on a road. The Model S’

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Wal-Mart objector turns to President Obama for help

walmart protests obama

Chermaine Givens-Thomas has worked during Wal-Mart for 8 years.

Wal-Mart workers have been distinguished for scarcely a year, seeking Wal-Mart for aloft wages, improved advantages and a right to form a kinship but retaliation.

But on Thursday, one Wal-Mart (WMT, Fortune 500) workman in Chicago is looking to someone else to assistance make a change: President Obama.

Charmaine Givens-Thomas, a 60 year-old Wal-Mart worker, started an online petition seeking a President to accommodate with a Wal-Mart employees who have been protesting.

“We would like for we to hear first-hand because [workers] are appealing for honour and job on Wal-Mart to compensate them some-more to feed and support their families,” she wrote on a petition.

Givens-Thomas has worked during Wal-Mart in Chicago for 8 years as a cashier, door-greeter and now in electronics. She creates $11 per hour, operative between 32 and 35 hours per week. It’s a onslaught to compensate her bills, that is because she has assimilated in on many of a protests.

Related: Worker wages: Wendy’s vs. Wal-Mart vs. Costco

As someone who marched with Martin Luther King Jr., she pronounced she feels sealed out of their dream of good jobs and equality.

“Like too many Americans, we can't guarantee my grandchildren that they will have a brighter destiny than we had — in a nation a tiny chosen is actively impoverishing a vast

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Men and women shop online differently: study

Men and women shop online differently: study

Shopping online at sites such as Amazon, seen here Wednesday, November 6, 2013 in Montreal continues to be a growing trend. Almost two-thirds of Canadians say they opted to shop online in the last six months to save money. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

MONTREAL – Consumers have become more demanding shoppers online, expecting discounts and free shipping with a group of younger shoppers called “online super buyers” leading the way, says an e-commerce survey.

Almost two-thirds of Canadians — 63 per cent — say they opted to shop online in the last six months to save money, according to the survey by market research firm The NPD Group. The survey says fashion accessories, footwear and electronics were consistently the top sellers.

While Canadians may accept full price when they buy in a store, they are bargain-driven online.

“The perception is that online is sort of like a clearance centre, if you will, and people just expect that they’re going to get a price discount,” said The NPD Group’s fashion industry analyst Sandy Silva.

Silva said the idea that prices should be lower on websites may have spilled over from the travel industry’s shift to online in recent years and consumers increasingly searching for the best vacation deals.

Those described as “online super buyers” are usually younger, make up about a third of web shoppers and buy “all kinds of stuff” — such

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Google’s mystery barges

MARTHA MENDOZA | AP National Writer

Internet giant Google says it is exploring using two large barges on the East and West coasts as interactive learning centers.

A statement released Wednesday from Google’s press center helps end weeks of speculation about the purpose of structures on two barges, one being built in the San Francisco Bay, another now floating off Portland, Maine.

“Google Barge … A floating data center? A wild party boat? A barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? Sadly, none of the above,” says the statement. “Although it’s still early days and things may change, we’re exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology.”

In a follow up, a Google spokeswoman said the company was referring to both barges.

Google has been building a four-story structure in the heart of the San Francisco Bay for several weeks, but managed to conceal its purpose by constructing it on docked barges instead of on land, where city building permits and public plans are mandatory.

Until now, San Francisco city officials responsible for land use and state officials responsible for the bay have said they didn’t know what was being built there. Coast Guard inspectors who visited the construction sites could not discuss what they saw. Lt. Anna Dixon said non-disclosure agreements were signed, but that those were not necessary, and that the Coast Guard, as a practice, doesn’t share proprietary information it sees during inspections.

If Google wants to operate an on-barge interactive learning center in the San Francisco Bay,

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Casinos in the Catskills… finally?


MONTICELLO, N.Y. (AP) — After decades of waiting, Catskills residents who believe casinos can revive long-gone tourist traffic think they may finally hit the jackpot.

“It will bring a lot of jobs — bring the town, county and region back to what we were at one time,” said town of Thompson supervisor Anthony Cellini, who has been trying to land a local casino for almost 40 years. “We were the hospitality capital of the Northeast, and we’d like to be that way again.”

Generations ago, hotels and bungalow camps in the lake-laden area were packed each summer with tourists — many of them Jewish families from the New York City area. But the crowds thinned out by the ’70s. Promises of landing a casino have been like a three-card monte game played out for decades. The money card never came up until Tuesday, when voters approved an amendment to the state constitution that authorizes seven Las Vegas-style casinos. Two will be in the Catskill-Hudson Valley region, where some potential sites include old Borscht Belt hotels.

The development can’t come soon enough for some of the shopworn towns in this upstate area. In Monticello, Brian Fleischman stood on a faded stretch of Broadway while on break from his job at the Monticello Bagel Bakery. He hopes casinos can revive the area.

“We’ve been hearing it for 40 years already and nothing happened,” he said. “And now finally it’s getting approved and I think it’s a great thing.”

Many of the plans unveiled so

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Do you GetGlue?


Have you ever heard of GetGlue? No? Don’t worry. We didn’t know what GetGlue was either until a Fox 5 producer saw it all over a Twitter feed.

GetGlue markets itself as a personalized digital TV guide. The website recommends shows and movies based on your preferences. It allows you to chat with friends while you’re watching not just your favorite fox hits like “The Following” or “Sleepy Hollow,” but all shows.

“GetGlue is basically FourSquare for television,” says Chris Harnick, HuffPost TV beat reporter. “It’s a way to check in and show your friends what you’re watching.”

The site boasts 800 million total check-ins, ratings and reviews with 4 million users. And GetGlue was created right in New York City.

“You check in on the GetGlue app and then you can get exclusive content like stickers or other rewards,” Harnick says. You can even earn more perks, like early screenings.

Union Square Ventures is one of GetGlue’s major investors, which is why we came to Union Square. No one here had heard of GetGlue. But that didn’t stop them from giving us their take on what feels like an internet overload.

Krishna Kripa says he gave up his computer science career ambitions 30 years ago when he left Brown University to become a Hare Krishna. He doesn’t use the GetGlue app. Of course not; he’s too busy finding some peace of mind.

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Year of Abenomics delivers Japan revival

abe japan

It has been a year given Shinzo Abe initial set out his desirous turnaround devise for Japan, and 7 months given a executive bank non-stop a taps in a bid to jar a economy out of stagnation.

By many accounts, Japan’s confidant — some would contend brazen — plan is operative flattering well.

Prime Minister Abe has increasing supervision spending and commissioned a central banker who is not fearful to use assertive financial policy. Abe has even lifted Japan’s sales taxation in a curtsy to bill discipline.

The thought is that a measures — famous as Abenomics — will finish years of deflation, heading to some-more strong expansion for a world’s third largest economy.

In a tellurian landscape dominated by delayed expansion and process uncertainty, Japan is now an doubtful splendid spot.

“Economic indicators would advise a initial stages of Abenomics have been successful,” analysts during Barclays wrote recently.

Perhaps a biggest singular cause in Japan’s change of instruction has been a country’s executive bank, led by Haruhiko Kuroda. Once demure to rivet in radical financial policy, a Bank of Japan has embraced Abe’s vision, rising a large bond-buying program.

Why a Japanese still adore song CDs 

The purchases — done during an annual gait of 60-70 trillion yen — will double a bank’s financial base

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