Cramer: Sell Nokia on Microsoft deal

For his part, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who is retiring, told CNBC, “What’s good for Windows phone will be good for a altogether Windows ecosystem.”

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Cramer countered, asking: “Steve Ballmer, what did we get here? Steve likes that phone. we saw him use it during my college reunion. [But] we wouldn’t have bought a whole association since we like a phone.”

“It’s tough adequate for Apple to kick Samsung,” Cramer added—he does not see how a total Microsoft and Nokia could do it. “I consider that Microsoft is struggling for relevance.”

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will come behind to Microsoft as partial of a deal. “It’s a really costly successor, if that’s what this is all about,” pronounced Cramer.

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Three years ago, Elop left a Redmond, Wash.-based association for a Finnish handset maker. When a understanding closes, he’ll lead a inclination organisation during Microsoft, and there’s conjecture that he might be adored to turn a subsequent CEO of a program hulk when Ballmer leaves subsequent year.

“Microsoft indispensable to do something. It was flailing,” Cramer said. “What it motionless to do is let Samsung and Apple have a whole game.”

He also joked that for Microsoft, a understanding is like blazing money. “They can do dual things, force a income into a

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Retail investors fled ETFs in August: Pro

“Investors continue to use ETFs opposite a house to demonstrate their marketplace views,” Gamba said. “We had a disastrous Jun followed by a very, really certain July, that was tighten to $45 billion in inflows, and now we had $15 billion in outflows in August.”

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Though a $15 billion represents a largest ETF one-month outflow on record, it is usually about 1 percent of sum ETF assets, he said. Outflows to sum resources in Jun 2010 were incomparable on a relations basis, during 2.2 percent, he added.

Both equity and fixed-income ETFs saw income skip final month, while investigate showed splendid spots in Europe and short-term bound income. U.S.-focused equity ETFs took a infancy of outflows, during $9 billion.

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Despite a diseased performance, a ETF marketplace has been flourishing 10 percent to 12 percent this year, Gamba said, and a altogether transformation has been strongly positive. With some-more investors regulating ETFs in general, he said, “it’s been some-more volatile.”

New expansion in a item category is mostly attributed to insurers, tellurian income managers and general investors, Gamba added.

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After-hours buzz: Bank of America, LinkedIn & more

Hain Celestial pronounced that Carl Icahn and other shareholders will sell an total of 3,650,000 shares of stock. As a result, Icahn’s interest will be about 7.5 percent. Hain batch fell in late trading.

Elsewhere, Post CEO William Stiritz suggested a 5 percent interest in nutritive addition builder Herbalife in a regulatory filing.

Meanwhile, Glenview Capital lifted a interest in J.C. Penney to 9.1 percent from 3.8 percent, according to a filing with a SEC.

News Corp. pronounced it sole a Dow Jones Local Media Group, that operates 8 daily and 15 weekly newspapers, to an associate of Fortress Investment Group. Financial terms of a understanding were not disclosed.

Turning to earnings, HR Block reported an practiced first-quarter detriment of 40 cents per share on income of $127 million as losses rose. Analysts were expecting a detriment of 37 cents per share on income of $98.4 million. The batch tumbled in late trading.

Guidewire Software, that provides business program to a skill and misadventure word industry, posted practiced gain of 25 cents per share for a mercantile fourth quarter, violence forecasts for 14 cents per share. Revenue came in during $96.9 million, adult 43 percent from a year earlier. The batch surged in late trading.

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7 reasons Cramer says, ‘Raise money now’

5. Retail is too most of a wildcard. “We have no thought how back-to-school’s unequivocally going. Somehow we don’t consider we are going to hear good things,” Cramer said.

6. Employment is improving. “I design we could get a superb practice series Friday,” Cramer said. That might seem bullish, though Cramer believes a clever jobs series will again beget gibberish of Fed tapering. In turn, that should send bonds lower.

7. It’s September. “Historically, Sep is a severe month,” Cramer said. “I mislaid a ton of income trade during my sidestep account in September. My free trust has frequency finished good in September. It’s only a crummy month and we don’t like a odds.”

All told, Cramer believes these catalysts will collaborate to send bonds lower. And Cramer wants we to be prepared.

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However, that’s not to contend we should put income in your mattress – distant from it. Instead a Mad Money horde wants we to stay nimble and get prepared to put that income to work during some indicate down a road.

“I design to see some superb shopping opportunities,” he said. But not until a marketplace pulls back, first.

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Missile launch reports take corner off batch gains

New 3 - SP futures 030913

Click draft for some-more in-depth premarket data.

Reports of a ballistic barb launch in a eastern Mediterranean segment took a corner off a bullish batch marketplace mood early Tuesday, with European indexes branch disastrous and U.S. futures pleat gains.

Markets were still staid to convene strongly on ‘Takeover Tuesday’. Nasdaq futures rose by as most as 1.2% formed on a flurry of new deals.

But Russian news group reports that dual “ballistic objects” had been launched towards a eastern Mediterranean regenerated concerns about a U.S.-led strike on Syria.

Israel’s Ministry of Defense reliable that Israeli army and a U.S. Missile Defense Agency had carried out a barb exam and pronounced Israel would recover serve information about a launch soon.

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Traders were in confident mood after Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) pronounced it was shopping Nokia’s (NOK) mobile phones business for $7.2 billion and Verizon (VZ, Fortune 500) concluded to a $130 billion understanding that will see it take full control of Verizon Wireless.

U.S. batch futures pulled behind from progressing highs after a barb reports, yet they were still adult by roughly 0.7% to 0.9% from Friday’s shutting levels.

Markets were also being upheld by better-than-expected manufacturing data released

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Wall Street is asleep: Volume during 5-year low

chart trade volume

Trading volume hasn’t been this low Feb 2007, with a daily normal of fewer than 3 billion shares exchanging hands on a New York Stock Exchange in August.

August is typically one of a dullest months on Wall Street, and in terms of trade volume, this past month was a outrageous yawn.

It hasn’t been this still given Feb 2007, with a daily normal of fewer than 3 billion shares exchanging hands on a New York Stock Exchange in August. That’s even slower than last August, and about 30% next a normal trade volume for Aug during a past 5 years.

What should investors take divided from this as they demeanour forward to a rest of a year? After all, volume wasn’t a usually thing that was down in August. The Dow and SP 500 logged their worst monthly opening in over a year.

Some competence disagree that a muted trade activity in a down marketplace wasn’t a pointer of investors offered in a panic. Instead, there only weren’t adequate people around to buy stocks.

Still, it’s critical to note that trade volume has been trending down given a tallness of a financial crisis, even as bonds have surged from their Mar 2009 lows.

That’s since investors shouldn’t indispensably boot August’s sell-off only since volume was light. You haven’t listened too many people observant that this year’s marketplace convene isn’t legit since of low

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Apple’s shifting mobile marketplace share

iphone section sales

Apple’s iPhone sales from a 2007 launch to a many new quarter

The iPhone and iPad make adult some-more than two-thirds of Apple’s altogether sales. But a once-skyrocketing direct for both inclination has begun to stall, and Apple needs to find new ways to stay on top.

Apple’s subsequent possibility will come Sep 10, when a association is all though reliable to be rising a new iPhone. Reports are separate on either a rested iPad is also on tap.

Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) is by no means in a apocalyptic conditions with a mobile devices: Except for a few bumps along a way, sales for both a iPhone and iPad have mostly been rising. But Google’s (GOOG, Fortune 500) Android is flourishing during a most faster clip, and zero Apple has finished recently has been means to retreat a trend.

Losing marketplace share: The iPhone’s share of a smartphone marketplace appearance during scarcely 24% in a holiday entertain of 2011, according to investigate organisation Gartner. But Apple’s share forsaken to 21% a subsequent holiday season, and again to 14% final quarter. Android dominates a marketplace with a 79% share.

Meanwhile, a iPad is losing a hold on a marketplace even some-more quickly. Data from tech consultancy IDC shows a iPad scored some-more than 76% of a marketplace when it debuted in 2010, though a share plummeted to 33% last

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Scientists laid off due to bill cuts

public appropriation layoffs

These dual will remove their pursuit subsequent month during Arkansas State University due to forced spending cuts. They were among 30 jobs lost, since of invulnerability appropriation cuts for their work detecting bombs. They were given plaques for their use on Friday.

It took a few months, though forced sovereign bill cuts are costing hundreds of scholarship and medical investigate jobs.

Nearly half of a recipients who get sovereign scholarship appropriation contend they’ve recently laid off or will lay off scientists and researchers, since federal grants are worse to win, according to a consult by a American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and 15 other systematic societies.

At Arkansas State University, 30 scientists and researchers have mislaid or will remove jobs by Oct from sovereign bill cuts during a invulnerability and preparation departments that saved investigate detecting bombs and haughtiness agents.

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At a University of Chicago, 3 laboratories have closed, costing 6 medical researchers jobs treating cancer, recovering wounds and gastro-intestinal problems, due to appropriation cuts during a National Institutes of Health.

These are only some of a cuts underway interjection to $85 billion in forced spending cuts, called sequester, that kicked in Mar 1. And as some-more investigate grants don’t get renewed, a layoffs will get worse, experts say.

“My post-doctoral tyro is confronting losing a pursuit in entrance months if no new

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Funds fit for teenage investors

The right investing plan for you 

Which mutual account should my teenage daughter deposit in? She has $1,400 and won’t need a income for during slightest 5 years. — Kathy, Michigan.

“At that theatre in life, $1,400 seems like all a income in a world,” says financial planner Tim Maurer, co-author of The Ultimate Financial Plan. So don’t risk large waste that could shock her divided from a marketplace forever.

A offset account — one holding both binds and binds — should yield smoother expansion than pristine stocks.

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A good pick: Vanguard Star (VGSTX) , that comprises 11 Vanguard supports and binds all from general binds to short-term bonds. The smallest buy-in is $1,000 — distinct many other funds, low adequate for your situation.

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While Maurer terms Star comparatively safe, your daughter can cut her risk serve by putting some of her income in a money-market account instead. To tip of page

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