Funny money? New $5 deemed too "cartoonish"

Funny money? New $5 deemed too cartoonish

Dextre, the Canadian Space Agency’s robotic handyman, ferries cargo from the Kounotori2 cargo ship to the International Space Station in February 2011. The Bank of Canada is set to unveil its latest plastic bank notes this week — but documents show some people found one of the new bills too cartoonish and the other too old-fashioned. Focus groups consulted about the proposed images for the new bank note series thought the space motif inclduding a depticion of Dextre of the new five-dollar bill looked childish. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-NASA

OTTAWA – The Bank of Canada is set to unveil its latest plastic bank notes this week — but documents show some people found one of the new bills too “cartoonish” and the other too old-fashioned.

Focus groups consulted about the proposed images for the new bank note series thought the space motif of the new $5 bill looked childish.

“There is a perception that the note looks ‘cartoonish’ or too-child like,” says a 2009 report commissioned by the bank from The Strategic Counsel, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.

Others were left scratching their heads over the depiction of “Dextre,” a Canadian robotic handyman on board the International Space Station. Some people wrongly assumed Dextre was the name of an astronaut shown on the bill, while others had no clue who the name referred to.

“Dextre is not recognized — although

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Mintz wants income splitting with a twist

OTTAWA – A controversial federal policy that would allow families to split their incomes for tax purposes would make a lot of sense, as long as it is accompanied by other measures so that the benefits would be shared by all kinds of families, says University of Calgary economist Jack Mintz.

In a research paper, Mintz and doctoral student Matt Krzepkowski argue that the current tax system is unfair because it penalizes single-earner families.

“Given that Canada’s income system aims to treat people in similar circumstances as equally as possible, it is certainly time to let couples split their income so they do not face a penalty in higher tax rates than those faced by couples bringing home the same amount of total pay,” they write.

But they say the tax reform should also recognize that single-earner families have some advantages that dual-earners do not, such as more unpaid time spent raising children and taking care of the home.

One way to account for this would be to change the way the basic personal tax exemption works, said Mintz, director of the university’s School of Public Policy.

Under the current rules, one spouse can transfer the unused portion of the exemption to the other spouse. If Ottawa were to require both spouses to be earning income in order to qualify for the transfer, it would smooth out some of the rough edges of the income-splitting proposal, he said.

“We particularly have a twist on the original Conservative proposal of splitting income up to $50,000 that I

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China opens review into drug prices

china drug prices

Chinese regulators have launched an review into prolongation costs and cost environment practices during 60 curative companies, an bid expected directed during obscure drug costs in a country.

In a matter posted online, a National Development and Reform Commission pronounced 33 companies will be investigated over pricing, while 27 some-more face inquiries over submit costs.

Among a companies targeted are a China operations of GlaxoSmithKline (GLAXF), Astellas (ALPMF) and Sandoz.

The NDRC is China’s executive mercantile formulation agency. The organisation frequently reviews drug prices, and intermittently implements cost ceilings that request to supervision payment levels. The organisation also leads bulk purchases of pharmaceuticals by internal and provincial governments.

The review is a second price-related exploration launched by a NDRC in new days.

A examine into cost regulating during tot regulation producers announced progressing this week has already yielded results, with during slightest one unfamiliar writer similar to cut prices by adult to 20%.

Related story: China probes baby divert cost fixing

Chinese authorities have not categorically related a recently announced inquiries, or indicated they are partial of a pull opposite unfamiliar companies.

Ben Cavender, an associate principal during China Market Research Group, pronounced that a review into pricing should not come as a warn to unfamiliar drug companies handling in China.

“Foreign companies are going to be underneath a small more

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U.S. firms burst on London burger bandwagon

five guys london

American burger sequence Five Guys non-stop a new plcae in a heart of London Thursday. It’s only a five-minute travel from a new Shake Shack restaurant, that is opening Friday.

It’s official. The Brits have a big, bustling burger scene.

Two U.S. burger bondage — Five Guys and Shake Shack — non-stop their doors in a heart of London this week as they demeanour to take advantage of a city’s starved ardour for top-quality burgers.

Five Guys non-stop a initial abroad plcae Thursday nearby London’s bustling Covent Garden, and visitors lined adult around a retard to get their hands on an all-American-style burger.

A mouthpiece for Five Guys pronounced a association motionless to come to London since of rising demand, observant that a burger sequence had a outrageous series of British fans on Facebook (FB) and Twitter before environment feet in a U.K.

“There’s a flourishing better-burger marketplace here in London. It’s only a few years behind a U.S.,” she said.

The association clearly has faith that business will be clamoring for a food as it has invested in a plcae that can fit adult to 300 people.

Five Guys has skeleton to open 4 some-more locations opposite a U.K. before a finish of a year, pronounced John Gildersleeve, one of a partners in a corner try that is heading a company’s British expansion. From there, 100 some-more restaurants could follow, he said.

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Samsung and HTC smartphone movement comes to screeching halt

samsung s4

Samsung expects record second entertain boost though analysts were anticipating for more.

Two gain previews from Asian dungeon phone manufacturers on Friday showed that Apple’s not a usually top-tier smartphone association with something to worry about.

Samsung and HTC’s second-quarter outlooks both unhappy financial analysts, who had mostly approaching their latest high-end inclination to launch a companies to new heights. Although Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and HTC’s One have sole good so far, conjunction association met analysts’ forecasts for sales or profit.

That’s quite troubling, given several smartphone attention forecasts have indicated that seductiveness in Samsung and HTC’s best smartphones has expected peaked.

Shares of Samsung fell 4% on Friday, while HTC’s shares rose 1%.

South Korea-based Samsung pronounced it would news handling distinction of $8.1 billion to $8.5 billion for a 3 months finished Jun — that works out to a smallest boost of 44% over a same duration final year. Sales were also aloft than final year, rising a smallest of 18% to around $50 billion.

That noted a company’s best-ever gain superintendence for a second entertain — though it still fell brief of researcher expectations.

Though analysts contend HTC’s One has sole admirably, it didn’t stop HTC from stability the downward spiral. The Taiwanese association pronounced the second-quarter distinction would come in during around $42 million, down 83% from a year earlier. HTC reported sales would be $2.35 billion, down 22%.

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Stocks: Happy 5th of July!

sp 500 futures 708

Click on draft to lane premarkets

One day after celebrating a nation’s independence, investors welcomed a news Friday that showed a larger-than-expected benefit in U.S. payrolls.

U.S. batch futures were all relocating adult by roughly 1% forward of a opening bell after a Labor Department pronounced a U.S. economy added 195,000 jobs in June. However, a stagnation rate hold solid during 7.6%

Economists surveyed by CNNMoney envision a U.S. economy combined 155,000 jobs, while a stagnation rate was approaching to have ticked down to 7.5%.

While employing was stronger than approaching final month, a stagnation rate stays above a turn during that a Federal Reserve has pronounced it would start to cruise shortening a impulse policies.

Investors have been speedy by signs of alleviation in a economy, yet many contend a liberation stays diseased adequate to clear serve executive bank support.

Jim O’Sullivan, arch U.S. economist during High Frequency Economics, pronounced a news suggests a Fed will start tapering a $85 billion per day bond shopping module after this year.

“Employment expansion continues to demeanour some-more than clever adequate to keep stagnation trending down — even yet a rate was usually prosaic in Jun — and substantially some-more than clever adequate to lead to Fed tapering starting in September,” pronounced O’Sullivan.

Europe got a large boost Thursday when a region’s central banks signaled that seductiveness rates would remain

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Chipping divided during Swiss bank secrecy

credit suisse

Credit Suisse is among a Swiss banks that is in ongoing discussions with a U.S. Department of Justice to equivocate authorised action.

Switzerland released new discipline this week to a banks that should make it easier for a U.S. to locate American taxation evaders who are stealing income in offshore accounts.

Switzerland has been underneath heated vigour to find a proceed to concede a banks to share information with U.S. authorities so they might equivocate potentially crippling authorised action.

The Swiss supervision intervened after parliament nixed changes to a order that prevented a banks from auxiliary with a U.S.

The new discipline concede a banks to request for accede to yield a U.S. with certain information about offshore bank accounts. They’re still blocked from divulgence information about particular clients, though can share sum about employees who worked on a accounts and about accounts that were eliminated to other banks.

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The change formalizes an proceed that authorised UBS (UBS) to settle taxation semblance claims with U.S. authorities in 2009 during a cost of $780 million in fines and restitution, and chips divided serve during a country’s despotic banking privacy laws.

Those laws helped encourage a world’s largest $2.2 trillion offshore banking industry, where comment holders were means to censor resources and equivocate taxes in their home countries.

Swiss banks have

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Next prohibited trend: Mini smartphones

samsung universe s4 mini

Samsung recently expelled a Galaxy S4 Mini, that is a cheaper and smaller chronicle of a renouned Galaxy S4 model.

These days, picking out a smartphone is roughly like perplexing on shoes. Does a four-inch, four-and-a-half-inch, or five-inch shade fit best?

For years, a trend in vital smartphone brands’ shade sizes had been a bigger, a better. Whether it was a iPhone 5’s additional quarrel of apps or a giant, tablet-sized Android “phablets,” phones had really been removing larger.

But recently, that trend has begun to reverse. Samsung and BlackBerry (BBRY) expelled mini versions of their top-of-the-line smartphones and Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) and HTC are rumored to follow suit. The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has a 4.3-inch screen, that shaves off some-more than a half-inch off a incomparable version. The BlackBerry Q5 isn’t smaller in distance than a top-of-the-line Q10, though it uses all of final year’s record inside.

One cause behind a appearing mini smartphone wave: Smartphone expansion is commencement to delayed in grown markets like a United States and Western Europe, where hulk smartphones with a latest facilities are a prohibited commodity. Emerging markets will be “the pivotal destiny expansion driver,” according to Macquarie Securities researcher Kevin Smithen, though consumers in those regions are some-more budget-conscious.

Larger screens can minister significantly to a cost of a smartphone, so smaller inclination expelled by low-cost smartphone makers like

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June jobs report: Hiring beats expectations

jobs draft 070513

The pursuit marketplace done plain alleviation final month, promulgation signals to markets that a Federal Reserve is on lane to start pulling behind on a impulse program.

The economy combined 195,000 new jobs in June, violence economists’ expectations of 155,000 jobs and relating a revised gait from May. Meanwhile, a stagnation rate remained unvaried during 7.6%.

Do we live nearby a meth lab?

Spring employing was also stronger than formerly thought. The series of jobs combined in Apr was revised adult by 50,000 positions, while May was revised aloft by 20,000 jobs.

The news was being watched quite closely by investors, in light of new comments from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke that caused furious swings in a markets.

Prior to Friday, a SP 500 was down scarcely 3% given May 22, when clues initial emerged that a Fed might delayed purchases of holds and mortgages as early as this year. Bernanke after pronounced a impulse module could finish altogether if stagnation hits 7% — that a Fed expects by a center of subsequent year.

Despite no change in a stagnation rate, a underlying strength of a news led investors to trust that a bedrock of a economy is improving, and that a Fed will start to lift behind earlier rather than later.

Stocks rose somewhat and bonds sole off following a news.

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Stocks finish aloft on clever jobs report

Dow 415

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A clever jobs news sent bonds aloft Friday, capping a weekly benefit for a marketplace as investors set aside concerns about a Federal Reserve and focused on a softened opinion for mercantile growth.

The Dow Jones industrial average, a SP 500 and a Nasdaq gained about 0.9%. For a week, a Dow and a SP 500 both rose some-more than 1.5%, while a Nasdaq gained over 2%.

The supervision pronounced U.S. payrolls grew by 195,000 jobs in June, some-more than economists had expected. But a stagnation rate hold solid during 7.6%.

Traders pronounced volumes were light Friday given many income managers took a day off. U.S. markets were sealed Thursday for a Fourth of Jul holiday.

Double edged sword. Investors were speedy to see signs of alleviation in a pursuit market, though a news also creates it some-more expected that a Fed will start to finish a impulse policies after this year.

The U.S. executive bank has signaled that it will start to delayed a gait of a $85-billion-per-month bond shopping module when it sees poignant alleviation in a stagnation rate.

While a stagnation rate was unvaried final month, economists contend a gains in employing — including past months that were revised aloft — meant a rate should conduct reduce in a months ahead.

There will be dual some-more reports on a stagnation rate

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