Parents of sick boy with life-threatening illness hail Peter Kay for raising money to find a cure

A mum whose son has a rare ­life-threatening illness has hailed Peter Kay as an “absolute legend” for joining the fight to find a cure.

The big-hearted comic raised £34,000 for The Lily Foundation – set up to support children with mitochondrial disease – through charity screenings of new episodes of his huge TV series Car Share.

Now Kitty Banks, whose lad Arthur, seven, has the chronic condition, says she and husband Marcus were stunned when Peter revealed where the money from last weekend’s Blackpool event was going.

“We are shocked, thrilled and so grateful to him,” says Kitty, 46.

“We couldn’t believe it when we heard he’d chosen to support The Lily Foundation.

Peter Kay at a charity screening for his comedy series Car Share at Blackpool Opera House last weekend
(Image: PA)

“Mitochondrial disease has been low profile. Peter’s involvement is amazing in getting people to talk about what it is.

“It gives us hope. Peter comes across as really genuine on TV. It seems he is that nice in real life. He’s an absolute legend.”

Kitty and Marcus, 49, hope other families will benefit from the publicity about the little-known condition, which Arthur was diagnosed with at eight months old.

“Doctors said my son could just die one day,” says Kitty. “It was shocking,”

Mitochondrial disease is an inherited chronic illness.

It causes debilitating physical and cognitive disabilities, as well as seizures,

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