The cult of Facebook — just see how people react when you try to leave

Mark Zuckerberg wearing a red shirt: What kind of a person doesnt have a Facebook account?

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What kind of a person doesn’t have a Facebook account?

#DeleteFacebook is trending, but will people actually do it? Even given the recent brouhaha over Facebook’s privacy violations affecting 50 million people, that’s unlikely.

If you deactivate your account, or even just stop posting updates for a couple of weeks, Facebook (FB)   has a virtual army — your Facebook friends — who will text, email and even find you on Twitter (TWTR) asking what’s wrong and imploring you to come back. With some 2.2 billion users worldwide, it would take a tectonic shift for people to delete their photos and walk away.

The biggest social network on the planet is stickier than most checking accounts or cable companies, psychologists say. Try to give up Facebook, and at least some people are likely to think you have an axe to grind with the world or them personally, are going through a divorce or have slipped into a deep depression. What kind of a person doesn’t have a Facebook account?

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Those left behind often take it personally, and may even have formed a co-dependent relationship

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