Tomás Ó Sé: Joe Canning was on the money

Actually, the more I think about it, other than students, only somebody in the teaching profession has any chance of an extended inter-county career now.

Because, come the summer months, it’s full on. And I’m just not sure how sustainable that is in counties outside the top four.

Let’s be honest, the teams we have in the All-Ireland semi-finals are teams the dogs in the street could have named last January. The gap to the rest is growing. So how, logically, can you expect the same dedication from teams who feel a million miles away from a semi-final as, say, Jim Gavin demands of the Dubs?

That’s without even beginning to explore the pressure social media now brings to bear on the modern player, the sense of being under scrutiny 24/7. For many, that scrutiny translates into simple abuse.

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